Cutting Tools Regrinding

Its offering cutting tools sharpening service. The tools that can be regrinding is Drill, Center Drill, Endmill, Cutter Broaching, Cutter Shaving, Cutter Hobbing, etc. Material tool that available to regrind is variative, such us HSS, Carbide, CBN, and diamond. Some special tool can be studied here to regrind.

Facilities :

- Toyoda
- Makino Universal
- Makino Seiki
- Broach Regrind
- Shaving Regrind
- Hob Regrind
- Washino
- Gundrill Regrind
- Meteor
- Shaper
- Yodogawa

Inspection :

- Profil Projector
- Zoller 5 Axis (Genius 3S)
- Microscope
- Guhring Measuring