Production & Development


Quality Assurance & Maintenance

YPMI production system is backed up by modern facilities, high technology and a tight quality control system in order to meet the Yamaha’s quality standards worldwide.

Aluminium Production

Are equipped with its own quality verification facilities, starts from quality of the raw materials (Aluminium Ingots, RCS, CKD) and continues with verification of dimension and material strength.

The Aluminium Production’s verification laboratory equipments are as follow:

a. Inspection facilities :

- CMM - Brinnel Hardness Tester
- Rockwell Hardness Tester
- Emission Spectrometer
- Pinhole Tester
- RCS Melting Point Tester
- Transverse Strength Tester
- X-Ray - CT Scanner
- High Speed Machining Center
- Impact Testing Machine
- Radial Load Machine
- Torsion Testing Machine
- Rotation Bending Testing Machine
- Autograph CNC Testing Machine

b. Casting Process Design :

- CAD / CAM / Pro Engineer
- Magmasoft Casting Simulation
- Machine Equipments
- Solid Edge

Steel Production

The Gear & Axle Production’s verification facilities equipped by Quality Control equipment are as follow:

- Rockwell Hardness Tester
- Microvickers Hardness Tester
- Roundness Measuring Machine
- Contour Record
- Bench Center
- CNC Gear Profile Tester
- Metallography Microscope
- Roughness Measuring Machine
- Air Micro
- Head Master Calibration Unit
- Broach Regrinding Machine
- X-Ray
- Industrial Fiberscope
- Spectrophotometer