Creating Kando with products and services that exceed your expectations.

Yamaha philosophy “Kando” – Revs Your Heart – is applied in order to get closer to customer’s desires of deep satisfaction, which empowered by a passion for innovation and creating exceptional value and experiences for new excitement that enrich the lives of our customers.

Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia as an integral part of Yamaha Manufacturing Plants network all over the world is also actively engaged in making products of an even higher quality and performance to further improve the quality of Yamaha.

Mission & Objective

To Achieve Full Manufacturing Capability.

Yamaha’s continued commitment to support the industrial development in Indonesia is shown by its establishment of the motor components manufacturer – PT Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia (YPMI). The decision to set up this new manufacturing plant was a leap into the future and is another step forward in the process for Indonesia’s motor vehicle industry to achieve full manufacturing capability.


Company Name       : PT Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia

Address                  : Jl. Permata Raya Lot F2 & F6 Kawasan Industri KIIC, Karawang 41361, PO BOX 157, Jawa Barat- Indonesia

Establishment         : July 8th, 1996

Start of Operation    : September, 1997

Land Area               : 170.890 m2

Building Area           : 98.269 m2

Capital                   : US$ 20.000.000

Share Holders         : Yamaha Motor Co., LTD (Japan) : 99,99 %

                               Sunward International, Inc. (Japan) : 0,01 %

YPMI’s Board of Directors

President Director : Akihito Fujiwara

Director : Sabah Saparian

Director : Ryuji Sotozono

Director : Takeshi Murakami